Undertaker to marry man who ‘tracked her down’ after seeing face on funeral advert

Mick Bramman contacted Louise Cook after walking past a billboard with her face on, saying he thought she was ‘drop dead gorgeous’

An undertaker is set to marry a man who fell in love with her face after spotting her on an advertisement for a funeral home.

Mick Bramman contacted Louise Cook after walking past a billboard with her face on, saying he thought she was ‘drop dead gorgeous’.

He sent the 51-year-old a Facebook message along with a selfie standing next to the giant sign.

Mick, 56, said he couldn’t bury his feelings after seeing Louise on the advertisement for A.W. Lymn funeral directors in Long Eaton, Derbyshire.

Louise, 51, said: “Mick first reached out to me on Facebook after sharing mutual friends, asking if I would like to go out sometime.

“I initially didn’t think much of it and had just split up with my ex so I wasn’t thinking about going on a date.

“Then, the next day, I went out with a friend for some drinks and my phone pinged. I received another message from Mick, and, to my surprise, it was a photo of him underneath the Lymn’s billboard I was in.

“I thought it was hilarious, here he was, posing underneath the huge billboard of my face. He certainly put a smile on my face, so I agreed to the date and two years later we’re engaged.

“The photo was the reason I agreed to let him take me out, we have a similar sense of humour.”

Despite, Mick, a foreman at a local upholstery company, and Louise living in Long Eaton for 18 years, the pair had never crossed paths.

Louise added: “It’s funny that we had never met before despite living in the same town for the last 18 years.

“It took Mick seeing my face on a billboard for us to meet and now we’re engaged.”

The wedding, which is set for December, will take place in the chapel located in the cemetery grounds of the funeral home Louise works at.

Special permission was granted to the bride-to-be, making it the first wedding to take place in the chapel.

Louise described the venue as the perfect setting for the pair, after working for the company for 18 years.

She said: “We will be the first couple to marry in the chapel and I feel very grateful that we’re being allowed to.

“We’re just really happy together and can’t wait for a Christmas wedding.

“We’ve been right from the start and for us to meet the way we have I think it’s quite an unbelievable story.

“Most people meet online and a lot of the time it goes wrong so I feel very lucky to have Mick.

“I never expected any of this to come from my face being on the billboard but I couldn’t be happier.”

Chris Anastasi, sales manager at Starlite Outdoor, who produced the billboard for A.W. Lymn, added: “We can’t believe our billboard has created such a love story.”