Some iPad mini 6 owners are reportedly experiencing LCD discoloration and distortion issues

Apple recently dismissed the iPad mini’s “jelly scroll’ effect as normal behavior. However, some users are now reporting another, more worrisome issue that seemingly has to do with the build quality of the hardware, causing the tablet’s LCD to discolor and distort when touched.

The 8.3-inch IPS LCD on the iPad mini 6 has been a hot topic of debate lately. Reports of “jelly scrolling” on the device were par for the course, according to Apple. Now, though, the company may have to do more than just issue a statement as users complain of display discoloration and distortion on their $499 tablet.

One of these reports emerged from Reddit, where a user shared their experience of how using the tablet in portrait/vertical orientation and then lightly pressing the display resulted in a flickering white spot around an inch away from the point of contact. The issue was reproducible in other areas of the display, as can be seen in the video below, and is particularly noticeable in dark mode.

It’s apparently a hardware-related problem, said to be caused by a lack of clearance between the device’s battery and LCD. Although not widespread at this point, as 9to5Mac notes, the Reddit user noted that his replacement unit fared even worse and that he ended up keeping the original device.

… The Genius this time tested all the other display models and found the same issue (tip: it’s much more prominent on a dark screen, go into dark mode and. Open notes for example). He was very surprised and mentioned that I should keep my eye out for a recall — he said he wouldn’t be surprised if there is one.

A few iPad mini 6 owners say they’ve experienced the same problem, while others report having no issues. The culprit is apparently a low-quality panel that Apple has opted for this model, though the company is yet to respond with an official statement.